Evaluations and Assessments

Providing expert feedback

Are assessments important?

Experience design is an art that doesn’t come easily to everyone.

Assessments can be a helpful tool for organizational leaders and brand managers to bring an outside, fresh, and professional evaluative perspective. Branding is your organizations reputation, visibility, and relevance in the marketplace. As Disney would say, “Everything speaks” which means your brand is not merely your website, logo, and digital image but that as well as the experience your guests or clients have when they interact with your brand. Intentionality is vital to your brand to ensure that your organization will not do anything to “hurt” your brand with an “off-brand” moment or experience. Your goal is to create holistic strategic branded experiences that drive repeat business and word of mouth marketing. Our team specializes in crafting a branded experience that matches your identity and values. We will help you stand out and slice through the noise of traditional advertising and marketing. 
Each assessment is determined through research, interviews, and site visits and will produce a detailed, written report, recommendations, and an action plan to help your management team move forward. 

Types of assessments

Organizational leadership is the discipline of leading and decision making in the environment of a for or non-profit entity.

Brand assessment 

Is your brand cohesive and effective?  We will provide an overview evaluation of your brand in the marketplace and customer engagement.  

Experience assessment 

Does your client experience reflect your ideals as a brand? We will provide an evaluation of your customer service.

Event assessment

Does your company host an annual event? Do you recognize that your annual event is your single event opportunity to engage with your audience or potential customers. Events require a ton of work and often are without rehearsal. How do you ensure that you are maximizing the event and achieving maximum Return on Investment? Our event assessment will help you capture the guest experience and make recommendations for enhancing your branded experience for next time. 


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