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Design your experiences

Experience design is an art that doesn’t come easily to everyone.

If you want to grow in your experience design skill, team development, organizational leadership or other experience discipline, coaching may be your best avenue. Different from consulting which is more project based, coaching is an ongoing relationship that allows you to think and mull over concepts and content each week.

Coaching is helpful for practitioners who are seeking new ideas or the ability to bounce concepts or work through issues in a safe context. Coaching can be a great option for leaders or managers that want to grow and develop personally or professionally. Coaching opportunities are determined on a case by case basis and typically conducted by phone. Contact us today for terms and available coaches based on your desires for growth and development.

New to the concept of coaching? Schedule a phone call and meet a coach to see if it is the right fit for you – no charge and no obligation to continue.

Organizational Management

Organizational leadership is the discipline of leading and decision making in the environment of a for or non-profit entity.

Regardless of the work or mission or your organization, leadership principles and concepts are easily transferable. Learn how to build teams, manage human resources, analyze decisions and opportunities and motivate your team toward success. Your organization’s success will rise or fall based on leadership.

Consider our team to help you think through conflict management, strategy development, communications, structures and systems. Leadership is critical to the implementation of experience design and is the best place to start as you work to succeed in the age of experience.

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