Why is Marketing & Communications Important?

Marketing and communications encompasses all aspects of your business, from the starting phases and creation, to the finishing touches and ongoing research of your market. It’s a key business driver and the best way to ensure you’re getting in front of your target audience. With competing products and services around every corner, your brand and how you market it will be how you stand out from the crowd. 

Within 7 seconds, clients have already made their first impressions about your business, and Ladi’s goal is to make those seconds count.

Popular Marketing & Communications Services:

Market Research

Whether you’re in the starting phases of brand creation or feel like you need to reevaluate your target audience, market research may be a good place to start.  Together, we’ll take a look at your current practices, what’s working, and not working, to design a plan to reach your business goals.

Current Website Audit

Have a website but feel like you could be getting more out of it? Do you feel like your audience has a clear idea of your brand and what you offer? If not, a website audit will help clear some of that up. We’ll audit everything from website content, to graphics and images, design, layout, speed, and overall readability.

Brand & Design

Your brand is central to your business, and cohesive branding and design are more crucial than ever. It tells customers what to expect as soon as they land on your page. Do you feel like your branding could be more aligned with the vision of your company and future goals? We’ll work on creating a brand kit including logos, brand colors, fonts, etc., to create a streamlined approach to your marketing. (PS – feel like you need a rebrand to stay up to date with your growing business? This is a good place to start!)

Social Media Management

For those that feel like they should have a social media presence but need to tend to bigger ticket items in their business. Through social media management, we’ll offer analytics reviews, strategy creation, calendar creation, ad design and promotion, sample posting, training, or even full-on ongoing management of your chosen accounts. 

Website Design

Your website is your main landing page for your customers. You want it to reflect you and your business, while making it easy to understand, navigate, and collect leads. We’ll work together to either update an existing website or create one from scratch, as well as training on how to make updates if needed. 


Ladi is an entrepreneur who loves the thrill of brainstorming new ideas and putting them into action. She is a marketing guru that geeks out over analytics, algorithms, and all things design. With experience in branding, marketing, social media, website creation, event planning and more, she knows the importance of cohesive design and clear communication.

She enjoys staying up to date on current marketing trends and prides herself on her ability to see through the client’s eyes, and best optimize your efforts. The best kind of marketing is consistent, and Ladi will work with you to not only solve your current concerns, but make sure you’re comfortable maintaining them as your business grows.