Abigail Rogers

AbbieAbbie has spent the bulk of her professional career in the hospitality industry. Her experience began early when she worked for a catering company in high school. The exposure to a variety of events fed her growing interest in hospitality and customer experience which led her to pursue other positions in that field.

One year after graduating from high school Abbie moved to Louisville, Kentucky where she took a position as a concierge in the Event Productions Office on the campus of Southern Seminary. That position provided a number of learning opportunities and experience in event creation and facilitation. It was not long before she moved into an event planning role. Abbie remained an event planner until she left Event Productions in 2014. During that time she also served as the Manager of Event Productions where her skills in leadership and organizational management were honed and strengthened.

In 2014, Abbie transitioned over to the Legacy Hotel where she currently serves as the Assistant General Manager. Each of these positions has cultivated a number of strengths, but they have all grown her deep love and understanding for customer service, hospitality and event creation.

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