Jeff Dalrymple

DalrympleJeff Dalrymple is an organizational leader and hospitality expert. In his current role he serves as Vice President of Hospitality Services at Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky where he is in charge of leading and developing 10 different offices on campus. As he has gained responsibility he has put his skills to the test by raising the standards from aesthetics to operations across the offices he has influence over.

Jeff’s background includes over fifteen years of experience in public safety based out of Southern California where he specialized in emergency management and preparedness planning. During this time he achieved an undergraduate in Organizational Management and then went on to graduate with a Masters in International Affairs. He has personally planned over fourteen different international trips including academic excursions and mission trips.

In addition to his career at Southern Seminary Jeff is the board chairman for Louisville Rescue Mission (LRM), a local gospel-centered ministry dedicated to the physical and spiritual care of Louisville’s homeless population. LRM is one of the oldest gospel ministries in the United States. Some of his duties include leading the board of directors and board officers through ministry expansion, initiating the revision of and updating the governing documents, and formulating the philosophy of ministry. Jeff has also overseen the development and public relations strategy for the organization.

Jeff has a passion for taking things to the next level. This is evident in everything he has his hands on. His passion for excellence is what led him to create the Hospitality Project. Jeff is deeply aware of the need for hospitality and branded experience in everything we do. He believes that hospitality matters in the seemingly small details of welcoming guests into your home up to the large-scale details of how to run and lead a corporate business or ministry.

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