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Mission and Vision

The Hospitality Project is a consulting firm committed to creating and enhancing memorable experiences. Hospitality is the art of anticipating needs and is a foundational ingredient for any successful business or ministry. In our current age of experience, expectations and standards are high. Customers are loyal to businesses that deliver on all fronts: great products, services and authentic hospitality. It is widely recognized that word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing. Creating memorable experiences for your clients sets the stage for natural, grass-roots word of mouth promotion fueled by intentional, warm, friendly service.  There is no greater return on your investment than building a loyal customer base that is committed to you and your products or services.

Our team of experience architects hold a wide range of skills, education and expertise in hospitality-related fields including event and media production, organizational management and leadership, team development, interior design, marketing, culinary art and business growth. The Hospitality Project has served numerous businesses and non-profit ministries by evaluating and recommending strategic hospitality enhancements for more memorable experiences.

The art of experience design or architecture is a skill that employs a keen eye, empathy and the strategic deployment of resources. Imagine your business or ministry growing by creating memorable experiences for your guests or customers. The team at The Hospitality Project can help you create or rebuild your business or ministry. We firmly believe that every detail of your organization matters and communicates your brand. Allow us the opportunity to evaluate and recommend a hospitality project that will change the way you think, operate and lead. Creating or enhancing your brand with the art of genuine hospitality may require a fresh perspective from one or all of our team or experience architects. Contact us for details on how we can serve you and help you reach your goals and growth.

Architect Team

Jeff Dalrymple


Jeff”s vast experience and wisdom in the world of hospitality and organizational leadership have led him to where he is today.

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Samantha Beattie

Managing Director

Samantha loves helping people reach their goals. Let her know how she can help you with that today.

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