The Hospitality Project is uniquely equipped to provide support services to bring your plans to life. Consider our experienced team to outsource all or part of your event, logistics or other operational needs. Outsourcing is often an economical solution for events or special projects. We also provide event planning, hospitality, and customer service training. Our educational workshops will provide training for your team to deliver consistent, high quality service and hospitality.  Contact us for a quote based on your needs, goals and budget.


Logistics management often times requires careful attention to detail. Do you have a complicated logistical operation or situation? Need temporary logistics support for a project? Trucking, storage, project based moving, building or creative design. Use your imagination and we will make it happen. Our team will assess your needs and bring it to fruition with efficiency and determination. 

Event Planning

Our team of consultants have a wide range of event planning expertise from meetings, conferences, festivals, weddings, international events and beyond. We will gladly work with you to understand your needs and resources to fit any budget. Event planning services including documented plans for event marketing, registration, VIP arrangements, day of event details, media, staging, staffing needs, print and creative design, etc. 


If location is the most important feature in real estate and travel, details are immediately next and a critical element in your successful trip planning. Using the same principles in event planning and detail management, our travel planning and services are available anywhere in the world. Our network includes certified travel agents and tour guides based on your destination and travel needs. Consider our team for your away-game travel needs including corporate meeting planning, historical sightseeing or family vacation. We are able to customize your itinerary to include the best dining spots, meeting locations, memorable destinations and sights as well as out of the way experiences to create the trip of a lifetime. Contact us for a quote and more information.  

Graphic Design

We highly recommend Morgan Carter, our preferred graphic designer.


We highly recommend Ali Marsh, our preferred photographer.

Podcasting Production

Podcasting production services include recording, editing, mixing and thinking through topics for podcast episodes. Have you considered having your current podcast translated into another language?

Livestream Production

Live stream production is available for webcasting or broadcasting a pre-recorded message or video. Our team is able to produce a high quality production with multiple cameras, lower thirds, high-def, translation add on features, closed captioning, bumpers, trailers and advertising spots. Contact us for a quote.

Interior Design

Interior design is an art and skill that enhances your space and quality of life within that environment. Interior Designers love to create and produce functional, quality interiors. We offer expertise in complete renovations, space planning, event design, color and lighting consulting, and furniture selection among other services. Designers are visual story tellers, and hiring our professionals increases your ability to tell your visual story. We are trained to think differently, and can create a space that can give you the “wow” factor you desire. 


Event and voice over translation services available. Contact us for details and language options.

Conference and Event Solutions

At times you may have a need or problem and outsourcing may make the most sense. Short-term event staffing, mailing projects, registration check in preparation, etc. Contact us with your needs to see how we may support your event. 

Event and Media Production

Event production is the execution of the plans and details that you have approved or already created. Production services available include staffing, catering, media support including sound engineering, videography, front of house, and recording. Other event services: photography, event logistics, exhibitor management, name tags, registration check in, VIP and artist management, and other event details. Our team is able to provide full event and media production or sub-contract as needed. 

Training / Workshops

Each training session or day-long workshops may be customizable to you, your team or organization.

Customer Service Training (for trainers or front-line team members)

For trainers: This is the best value as we train your supervisors or trainers to do your own training with our material customized for your context. By having your training staff and supervisors conduct your own training, you provide examples and a baseline of expectations that are supported during operations. Ideally, your trainers are front-line supervisors that will model and reinforce standards of service that are expected from the organization. These trainers will easily be able to train new employees and future managers so that your branded customer service permeate all levels of the organization.

For front line employees: We will gladly provide training for your team once or ongoing. It is often helpful for an outsider to conduct customer service training by providing a different perspective to employees that have worked for some time within an organization. This workshop covers all of the basics and expectations for employees to provide warm, intentional branded customer service that deploys the art of hospitality. Hospitality is anticipating needs and is relevant to business and organizational operations just as much as it is appropriate in your home. Many of the same principles apply.

International Event and Travel Planning

International event and travel planning adds an exciting element of adventure, both for the professional planner and the traveler. This course is designed for the mission trip planner, sightseeing tour guide or business meeting planner that is planning an event or trip in a foreign land. It is encouraged that this student already have event planning experience or have completed the two previous event planning workshops (101 and advanced). Course includes travel planning, navigating customs, visas, cultural considerations, logistics, traveling hospitality for your guests, health and travel insurance, hotel and ground transportation and tour guide basics.

Event Media Management Basics

Media is a powerful tool to be deployed in business and at events strategically and distraction-free in order to amplify and promote your story or message. In this age of experience and high expectations, event attendees are highly sophisticated and expect a certain level of professional media at a live event. This course is designed to train media management on the art of media deployment at a live event. We also address technician training, retention, systems and structures. Trends and industry standards, lighting, sound engineering, staging, video (recording and imag), and translation services.

Event Planning 101

For beginners in the wonderful world of event planning, this workshop covers the basics of planning including systems, processes, industry specific terms and definitions and the foundational elements of building an event budget. Also covered, contracts, agreements, rain and weather plans, how to build an event schedule and catering basics.

Advanced Event Planning

Ready to take it to the next level? Advanced event planning is for the serious event planner that already has experience or completed the 101 workshop. Advanced event planning includes event experience design, event marketing, industry rules, regulations, trends and next generation planning. Also covered in this course are the details that make the event experience exceptional. How to manage speakers, volunteers, media and professional event staff.

Livestream Production

Live stream production is available for webcasting or broadcasting a pre-recorded message or video. Our team is able to produce a high quality production with multiple cameras, lower thirds, high-def, translation add on features, closed captioning, bumpers, trailers and advertising spots. Contact us for a quote.

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