Organizational Leadership

Organizational leadership is the discipline of leading and decision making in the environment of a for or non-profit entity. Regardless of the work or mission or your organization, leadership principles and concepts are easily transferable. Learn how to build teams, manage human resources, analyze decisions and opportunities and motivate your team toward success. Your organization’s success will rise or fall based on leadership. Consider our team to help you think through conflict management, strategy development, communications, structures and systems. Leadership is critical to the implementation of experience design and is the best place to start as you work to succeed in the age of experience.

Business Development

Stuck in a rut and need help identifying opportunities for growth and advancement? Is your marketing saturated and the competition closing in? We can help you think through new opportunities for growth and the application of experience design into your current operation. The art of hospitality will breathe new and fresh life into your organization. Allow us the opportunity to serve you by evaluating your existing operations, product or services and recommending business development.

Experience Design

In order to build brand loyalty and to establish a life-long customer or client base, your guest or customer should experience a warm, thoughtful and intentional interaction, consistently at each level with every representative from your organization. Remember, Disney’s statement that “everything speaks”. This is true regarding every brand so start now to assess each point of contact and consider some new programs or initiatives that will deploy the art of hospitality to your operation or organization. From an online experience to a brick and mortar storefront to an event, this era of experience requires attention to detail and planning for which you cannot afford to miss. Our team of consultants can help you assess your current customer experience in order to recommend new enhancements or we can review your plans for a future project.

Event Production

Event planning is the art of designing and executing a wide range of events. From birthday parties to weddings to conferences and festivals, event planning principles and concepts apply in nearly any environment. Our team of consultants have a diverse portfolio of event planning. Do you have an idea for an event or conference? Our team can help you design the experience and map out a plan for you to execute. Need help with execution? Consider our services section for a quote on executing your event plan.


Marketing has drastically changed over the past decade with the introduction of social and digital media. Remember that experience design and branding starts with the initial point of contact for your guests or clients. Your marketing plan must appropriately convey who you are and what you are all about. It must represent you and your organization capturing the interest of a potential client. Marketing starts with understanding who you are, your mission and target audience. Next your logo and branding communicates quality and experience before your client makes contact. Your marketing strategy and plan(s) must be cohesive and intentional. Incorporating network and event marketing as well as social media and creative opportunities is what will set your organization or product apart from the noise. Our team can help you think through strategic marketing both domestically, internationally and will introduce you to sustainable marketing which is apart of the next transformational era to come.

Customer Service

Customer service is a vital element in experience design. Somewhere, somehow, your employees or staff will engage your client or customer base. This interaction must be carefully crafted and considered as each employee represents you and your leadership. Remember Disney states, “everything speaks” and this includes your employees, their appearance, the things they do or don’t say, the environment they serve in and the tools you provide to help them be successful. Branded customer service will set your organization apart and create memorable experiences that should be the catalyst for loyalty. This loyalty will prompt the most powerful form of marketing, word of mouth. Loyal customers will not only be repeat customers, but they will tell everyone about the experience they had with your organization. Our team can help you develop a customer training program or evaluate your existing program. Hiring practices, setting expectations and evaluations are all tools to employ in delivering excellent customer service.


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Media is the deployment of digital tools to amplify your message, tell a story or enhance your customer experience. Media can be used to tell your story, highlight your product or service or broadcast your mission or message to the world. What media should you utilize? How can media be used to expand your reach or connect through social media channels? What about translation, graphic design, video experience or live events? Our media consultants are incredibly talented and will help you think outside the box when it comes to experience design. Contact us about ideas or help incorporating media into your organization.

Global Marketing

Promoting and marketing your product or service globally can be challenging considering cultural and communication elements. We can help you draft up a plan and present new channels and methods to advance your cause or spread your message. Experience, content and transformational marketing are all strategies we are able to help you consider.

Content Marketing

The power of content marketing is staggering. Content marketing is the use of educational content related to your business or ministry that adds value to your target and introduces them to your product, service or ministry. Our team will help you think of new ways of equipping your customer base and educating them with the power of “why”.

Platform Creation

Do you have a message to share or story you want to tell? Build your platform today by working with our consulting team. We will help you develop a strategy to create a brand for you or your organization that will catapult you to the next level and beyond.

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